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App Store July Update: CMS 2.0

The highlight of July for the Saleor App Store is a new version of the CMS app, celebrated with a new integration:


CMS (2).png

We're saying goodbye to the old version of the CMS app and hello to a fresh, reimagined CMS app experience! While previous installations of the "v1" will still function, we've removed it from the App Store and shifted our focus to support the new and improved version.

Here's what you can look forward to with the upgraded CMS app:

• A completely revamped UI courtesy of our macaw-ui implementation, taking the user experience to another level towards a unified Dashboard look.

• Smoother, more intuitive integrations with DatoCMS and Contentful. Once configured, these will automatically populate the autocomplete suggestions using data pulled directly from the CMS API.

• Fields mapping configuration that gives you the power to define the relationship between your CMS product fields and those in Saleor.

• 🎉 As a bonus, we're rolling out our inaugural release of integration with!

At present, we support the following providers:, DatoCMS, Contentful, and Strapi.

Emails and Messages

The list of events supported by Emails and Messages just got bigger. With the introduction of ORDER_REFUNDED and FULFILLMENT_UPDATED events, you can stay connected with your users throughout most stages of their order management process. This update ensures more comprehensive communication, resulting in a smoother and more transparent customer shopping experience.

Emails & Messages (2).png

We have also added brand new documentation for Emails and Messages that covers all the configuration details, supported events, its limitations, and troubleshooting.

Currently supported providers: Sendgrid, SMTP


Taxes (1).png

Accuracy in address details is vital for correct tax calculations, and that's precisely what our revamped address validation process for Avatax ensures.

With this update, you'll receive prompts if the provided address is incomplete or incorrect and see Avatax API-driven formatting suggestions for valid entries.

We've also implemented a feature that streamlines the process of granting tax exemptions to specific customer groups. If the order processed by the Taxes App has a metadata field of avataxEntityCode, the provided value will be passed to created transactions as entityUseCode. You can read more about it in the documentation.

Currently supported providers: Avatax, TaxJar


With the newest additions to saleor-app-sdk, the app can now dynamically request permissions. Instead of granting the app all the permissions upfront, you now have the option to do it gradually. This may come in handy when dealing with apps that cover many areas of Saleor.

You can read about dynamic app permissions in its RFC.

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