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, Adrian Pilarczyk

App Store June Update: redesign and tax code matcher

In June, we concentrated on refreshing the UI of the apps in Saleor App Store. Leveraging the latest version of our in-house UI kit, MacawUI, the apps now seamlessly integrate with the rest of the Saleor Dashboard.

Taxes App


The Taxes App was redesigned with the new version of macaw-ui. We also introduced several functional changes.

We have streamlined the configuration process by relocating the address form to the provider view. We also now validate the entered addresses using the tax providers' APIs. This validation ensures that the created configuration will accurately calculate taxes.

Tax code matcher (1).png

We're thrilled to introduce Saleor's tax code matcher feature - enabling the application of custom tax rates on specific product types.

Picture running a skateboard shop and leveraging Avalara for your tax calculations. Your product categories in Saleor, say, sneakers, boards and clothing each come with a unique set of tax classes. The twist: sales taxes for these categories can vary across different US states

Enter Saleor's tax code matcher. Now you can link each Saleor tax class with an Avalara tax code. So, for your clothing category, you could assign the tax code "PC040410 - Clothing and related products (business-to-customer)-roller and ice skates." As a result, any order containing products from the "clothing" class will automatically apply the "PC040410" tax code, ensuring accurate tax calculation every time. Happy Taxing!

Currently supported providers: TaxJar, Avatax

Product Feed

Product Feed (2).png

Product Feed app now boasts a new look and production-ready capabilities to help you generate feeds seamlessly for Google Merchant Center.

We've integrated Amazon S3 for storing the generated XML file. This replaces the previous on-demand file generation, providing more reliable and scalable storage.

And that's not all. We've employed a savvy caching strategy that lets you index vast product databases while keeping them current. Thanks to product and product variant webhooks, any updates to the product cache trigger an automatic XML refresh.

The result? Whenever you make changes to any product in Saleor, the app stands ready to refresh the feed upon the next Merchant request. The updated information remains cached until the next product edit.

Currently supported providers: Google Merchant Center

Emails and Messages

Emails & Messages (4).png

The final App Store update comes from the Emails and Messages app with a long list of improvements.

During the redesign, we simplified the provider configuration. Part of that process was merging the events management into the view. As a result, the users now have a centralized place for all essential features, like activating an event or choosing a template. Finally, to bring more clarity to various configuration options, we added helper texts with extra descriptions.

We’ve also improved the experience of assigning configuration to a channel. The new version automatically selects the created configuration for all the channels. You can still overwrite the settings if you have multiple providers.

Lastly, please notice we renamed “MJML” to “SMTP”. We believe it is a better description of how messages are sent.

Currently supported providers: SMTP, Sendgrid


We continue developing our App SDK. This month, the most noteworthy addition to the library was the new brand field in the app manifest, which allows providing the app logo URL that displays in the Dashboard.

If you want to see the full list of changes in the Saleor App SDK, head over to our Changelog.

We would love to hear about your experience with Saleor App Store. Is your dream app missing from the store? Having difficulties using one of the existing ones? Or maybe you have feedback about the new UI?

Feel free to share that and more on the saleor/apps discussions page.

That’s it for this month! We invite you to follow our Twitter and sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with the latest info about Saleor.

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