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, Marcin Gębala

December Release: Stripe payments and refreshed storefront look

A new payment gateway, new features in the Dashboard 2.0 and a refreshed storefront look… Welcome to the December 2018 release of Saleor!

  • Stripe payments integration is a major feature that many store owners have been waiting for and comes hot on the heels of adding Razorpay in the last release
  • Our design team have delivered a brand new look and feel for Storefront 1.0, with a major style upgrade that improves user experience

Thank you

The “thank you” part is usually at the end of the release notes but, as this is the first release in 2019, we want to start by quickly summarizing a great 2018 and expressing our gratitude to the Saleor community!

First of all, we got 2053 stars on Github in 2018 and were the fastest growing open-source e-commerce platform over the last 6 months. As a result, we’re now the top Python platform on eCommwar! We successfully released Saleor 2.0 which a shifted our direction towards GraphQL, Dashboard 2.0 and PWA Storefront 2.0. We started a Gitter channel which now has 185 users, although we are planning to switch over to Spectrum as it has threads and we can engage more with all the questions you are asking.

We really couldn’t ask for more. A big thank you 🙏 to all contributors, stargazers, and supporters of Saleor!

Now let’s move on the highlights of the release.

Stripe integration

Thanks to our amazing community (thanks @jxltom!) we’ve added Stripe as a new payment gateway officially supported in Saleor! It’s worth noting that right now we’re in the middle of a major refactor of payments mechanisms in Saleor. Our goal is to move all gateways to separate libraries which will allow our community to create their own payment gateway integrations based on the official ones.

Product selection dialog

Dashboard 2.0 is under active development and with every release, we’re getting closer to closing the feature gap between the static, Django-based dashboard and the new one. One of the exciting features that we’ve recently added is the new product selection modal. It allows you to quickly browse and search products and variants that you may want to add when creating orders, collections, and categories.


New product selection widget in Dashboard 2.0

Storefront 1.0 styles upgrade

We recently released the beta version of Storefront 2.0 and now we’re focused on stabilizing it and reaching feature parity with the 1.0 version (which we call the static, Django-based one). As it is still a work in progress, we wanted to upgrade the old storefront a little. In this release, we’ve updated the styles and templates to match the fresh colors used in Storefront 2.0. We hope you like it!

A new template of the product details page in Storefront 1.0

A new template of the product details page in Storefront 1.0

Future releases

Our priority for the first quarter of 2019 is closing the feature gap between the static dashboard and storefront and their single-page counterparts. In January, we want to focus on improvements to the checkout flow in Storefront 2.0. At the same time, we will be adding new sections to the Dashboard 2.0.


For those of you who are interested in contributing to the project, we prepared a bunch of issues labeled as help wanted. Don’t worry if you don’t fully understand the problem—our team will try to guide you and answer all your questions. Remember to check our channels on Gitter and Spectrum; they serve best if you have quick questions that don’t require opening an issue on GitHub.

For the full changelog visit the release page on GitHub.

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