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, Marcin Gębala

June Release: GraphQL is here!

This month we’re very proud to present the results of more than three months of hard work and endeavour — a GraphQL API! Read on to learn about the changes in this release.


We started our journey with GraphQL over a year ago and used it to power catalog pages in the demo shop. Up to now we added only simple queries to fetch and filter products — but now we’re giving you the complete API. You can fetch and modify pretty much all the data available in Saleor. The API is in beta version, as we haven’t optimized it yet against database-query duplications. Also, it has been designed with the incoming single-page Dashboard 2.0 in mind, so some of the storefront specific queries and mutations are still missing. However, we want to encourage you to start playing with the API and let us know about any issues that you encounter. GraphQL has boarded our ship — and it’s here to stay!

Querying for a list of products in a bundled GraphQL explorer

Querying for a list of products in a bundled GraphQL explorer

New languages

Thanks to our amazing contributors on Transifex, Saleor has become available in two more languages: Czech (with over 97% coverage!) and Chinese (Taiwan). Thank you, translators!

Saleor is available in Czech language

Saleor is available in Czech language

Sentry integration

Sentry is a popular error tracking and monitoring tool for web applications. From now on you can use it with your Saleor-based project. Enabling it is as easy as registering a Sentry account and setting a single environmental variable. 

Future releases

We are continuing to stabilize the API to make the queries even faster and more efficient. The new dashboard is still under construction, but we’re getting close to having the first version of the product management part ready. As always, our Github roadmap is the place to go to learn about our plans and vision.

Thank you

A big thank you for your support and contributions!

Those are only selected changes! Full release notes can be found on our GitHub Page.

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