Karol Kielecki

March Update: App Store, AVIF support, and bulk update enhancements

This article summarizes the 3.12 version of Saleor, the App Store release, Next.js Starter, and updates to CLI.

Core API 3.12

The following changelog outlines all the changes in the latest major release. Now, let’s dive deeper into the highlights.

AVIF support

The AVIF support combined with the existing support for WebP can lead to faster page load times while improving image quality.

product(slug: "banana") {
media {
avif: url(size: 4096, format: AVIF)
webp: url(size: 4096, format: WEBP)
original: url(size: 4096, format: ORIGINAL)

Bulk product variant enhancements

We’ve optimized the performance of the ProductVariantBulkCreate and ProductVariantBulkUpdate mutations. These changes affected the structure of the input to the ProductVariantBulkUpdate mutation, which now looks like this:

input ProductVariantBulkUpdateInput {
stocks: ProductVariantStocksUpdateInput
channelListings: ProductVariantChannelListingUpdateInput

input ProductVariantStocksUpdateInput {
create: [StockInput!]
update: [StockUpdateInput!]
remove: [ID!]

input ProductVariantChannelListingUpdateInput {
create: [ProductVariantChannelListingAddInput!]
update: [ChannelListingUpdateInput!]
remove: [ID!]

Discount calculation improvements

We’ve changed the discount rounding mode from ROUND_DOWN to ROUND_HALF_UP.

When a percentage discount is applied, the change affects the discount amount and total price in future checkouts and orders.

Example: A $13.71 order with a 12,5% discount;

Before the change: total of $12.00 with a discount of $1.71.

After the change: total of $11.99 with a $1.72 discount.

GraphqiQL Playground permissions

In the webhooks playground, users will now be informed about the permissions required to run queries.


App Store

Saleor App Store is now live - the official extension marketplace! Learn more in the following announcement.


Saleor CLI

Saleor CLI was recently upgraded to the v1.28 version, which introduced changes to the saleor app tunnel command. From now on, it uses ngrok as the default tunnel.

Saleor Next.js Starter

Presenting saleor-next-starter – the brand-new Next.js front-end boilerplate for quickly getting Saleor up and running. The scope of the starter is limited by design and focuses on solving the core challenges of integrating with Saleor – leaving the rest up to you!

It contains:

  • GraphQL setup (with codegen)
  • Authentication
  • Server-side calls

In this blog post, we highlighted some of the recent key changes and improvements delivered to Saleor. Follow our Twitter and sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with the latest info about Saleor!

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