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, Mirek Mencel

New Land Ahead: Introducing Saleor Cloud

I still remember the moment that Patryk, our Head of Technology, and I discussed rolling out Mirumee’s very own e-commerce software for the first time — well, let’s just say that was tense! ⚡

When starting the company we made a promise to ourselves to avoid this ever-growing, and in our opinion wildly unattractive, development domain. We wanted to be part of something exciting, and e-commerce software back then was the exact opposite of that.

Within the next seven years, we evolved from trying to fix the existing solutions to building one of the fastest growing e-commerce platforms entering the enterprise world. What a journey it has been!

Before I cut to the chase, let me share some of the small victories and moments of joy from the last few months:

  • Saleor has become the most liked open-source e-commerce on GitHub over the last 8 months reaching in excess of 4200 stars, surpassing the long-time leaders during this period.
  • We have become the go-to Python e-commerce — with a modern stack including full-fledged GraphQL API, PWA client and polished dashboard. TypeScript/JavaScript developers should also feel right at home now.
  • We released Saleor on ProductHunt in November 2018. It came in 2nd in Product of the Day getting 536 upvotes.
  • Our full-time team working on Saleor has grown to eight people! Also, Saleor has attracted a handful of committed and passionate contributors from around the globe. We’re committed to supporting them long-term and to keep them close.
  • We’re happy at seeing how well Saleor fits into bigger, more holistic, ecosystems. Some of the hottest brands — with a valuation above $1bln — are starting to incorporate Saleor, and we believe that this is just the beginning.

I’m very proud to say that we’re ready for the next step.

Some of you have seen this coming, some of you have specifically asked for this to happen. Today I’m thrilled to share that we have started work on a hosted, premium SaaS version of Saleor that we call Saleor Cloud. The project officially kicked off in April and we hope to have people using the private beta version in Q3 later this year.

Not every business can afford, let alone want to deal with the never-ending burden of engineering reliability, fiddling with scalability, maintaining software, and dealing with the ever-encroaching technical debt. We believe we have a remedy for that. Get ready for the best alternative to Magento and Shopify Plus to date.

We’re building an enterprise-grade platform with APIs and tools to bring developers joy. Saleor Cloud will deliver the same qualities that you love in open-source Saleor: a modern technology stack, great APIs, and an uncompromising user interface — only this time we will be in charge of keeping the ship afloat.

Saleor Cloud is also great news for the existing open source users. We’ve increased our internal team working on Saleor and you can already see the pace of work starting to accelerate. While Saleor Cloud is going to target high-volume brands, expect our open-source platform to get better than ever.

It’s an exciting time and we are really proud to be here. We will be revealing more updates over the coming weeks and months and the best way to keep up to date is to visit our new website and sign up for the newsletter.

Last but not least — we’re already working closely with brands which are looking to migrate from other solutions, like Magento. We want to make sure that Saleor Cloud will meet your expectations. We’re still looking for additional partners and early adopters so if you’d like to get involved, let us know at hello@saleor.cloud.

Thank you to all of you who contributed to Saleor by either helping us with the development or simply by leaving your priceless stars next to our project (it means a lot to us!). Let’s build the future of e-commerce together!

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