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, Karol Kielecki

Saleor at Berlin E-commerce EXPO 2020

We were pleased to participate in the fifth edition of E-Commerce Berlin Expo at STATION Berlin—an event attended by so many of our industry peers. It is considered one of the most important e-commerce events in the world, and one which is certainly worth attending.

The expo presented a high-quality program along with a complete range of products and services crucial for driving performance in the online retail sector. There were over 7,000 participants, 150 industry-leading exhibitors and 40 top international speakers. We enjoyed interesting talks and some passionate, in-depth discussion panels.

This event differs from the other tech events in that there is an assortment of business and software companies, similar to Mirumee Software, who provide some of the latest and best technologies in this domain.

Saleor booth at E-commerce Berlin Expo 2020

Our booth presented Saleor along with all of the technology used on the platform. We wanted to show why we believe that headless, GraphQL-first e-commerce solutions are the future of this industry.

E-commerce Berlin Expo is a good occasion for anyone working in the field of e-commerce—either as a seller or as a company providing services. It was exciting to present our platform there as many people showed interest in seeing the new solution that we offer.

– Saleor’s lead dev, Marcin


We attended as a team of four: Marcin (Lead Dev), Karol (Community Manager), Patryk (CTO) and Mirek (CEO) and had the chance to meet many amazing people. Thanks to each of you for your questions, discussions, and feedback about Saleor. It was a pleasure to learn many new things about open source and other technologies from the industry.

Mirek, Marcin, Patryk, Karol

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