Karol Kielecki

Saleor Multi-Warehouse Inventory

Take the hassle out of arranging your inventory into different locations. We’d like to present to you one of the features we have been working on: multi-warehouse inventory.

Saleor is expanding its capabilities through the introduction of a multi-warehouse feature. It will enable the platform to more closely follow your existing stock management process.

What is multi-warehouse inventory and how will it work in Saleor?

In short, a multi-warehouse feature is the ability to split inventory among multiple locations.

There will be a new dashboard section available in the settings: Warehouses. When you log in to your dashboard you can add more warehouses and assign them to specific shipping zones, then configure business addresses for taxation purposes. You will also be able to easily manage stock in multiple warehouses from the product and variant dashboard pages.

Saleor Warehouses

Support for managing multiple warehouses expands Saleor’s capabilities for the business needs of our users. We approached it with flexibility in mind and designed it to cover all of the use cases we could think of. Our goal was to provide a solution that would eliminate the need to use external software, giving development teams what they need most: time to focus on the UX of their storefront - Saleor will take care of the rest.

– Paweł Gryglak, Product Designer at Saleor.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to manage multiple warehouses in Saleor

Let us know what you think about our multi-warehouse feature! Let’s talk on #features of our Spectrum or feel free to reach us on Gitter, GitHub, Twitter.

As always, a big thank you to all contributors, stargazers, and supporters of Saleor.

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