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, Adrian Pilarczyk

Saleor Rewind 2022

Before we say farewell to 2022, let’s reminisce and review what was added to Saleor over the last year.

Core API

With about 800 merged PRs and 10 major releases, we delivered some of the most requested features to our core API, including:


  • Self-onboarding became available to the public.
  • Free dev accounts.
  • Simplified pricing.
  • Environment creation decreased from 5 minutes to less than 1 minute.
  • New sign-up and login workflows.


We have shipped a command line tool for CI and development that allows:

  • Managing projects, environments, and organizations.
  • Spawning a storefront, apps, and webhooks.
  • Tunneling and installing a Saleor app.

Learn more about Saleor CLI.


We have built foundational pieces for the Apps ecosystem, such as SDKs, dashboard extensibility APIs, and essential apps created by the core members.

You can track the progress on the development of new apps or propose your idea for it in GitHub Discussions.

To learn more about building apps, visit our documentation.

Saleor App Template

Saleor App Template is a Next.js and TypeScript boilerplate for building apps. It provides the necessary setup for:

  • Authentication
  • Installation to dashboard
  • Webhooks creation using CLI commands
  • Basic CRUD operations

Check out the repository or build an app following the “Getting started” guide.

App Store

While our apps are open source and can be self-hosted, we are also making them available in the Cloud with worry-free upgrades and one-click install. A complete list of available apps can be found here; the following are notable highlights:


The new Checkout starter kit built with Next.js includes front-end, and backend apps for processing orders, and payments. This project allows custom checkout flows and can be extended to a myriad of use cases like preorders or subscriptions within a single Next.js stack. Currently, it includes payment logic for the following gateways:

  • Stripe
  • Adyen
  • Mollie
  • PayPal

Try it out demo or create an app with CLI command.


The dashboard has received hundreds of UX improvements and refactoring in preparation for a complete redesign in 2023. One of the most notable features is Datagrid in product view, which allows bulk creation and editing of variants, similar to a spreadsheet.


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