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, Marcin Gębala

September Release: Order management views and timeline

Welcome to the September 2018 release of Saleor!

  • Orders are now easier to track and manage, with new views and an order history timeline for a fast overview of events
  • We've improved the staff management views, making it cleaner and easier to use

Order management views

We’re still focused on developing the React-based Dashboard 2.0. With this release, we’re presenting the beta version of new order management views. We’ve recreated all functionalities of the original Django-based orders views, such as the list of orders, fulfillments, and managing payments. We’ve also ported the “draft orders” feature, which allows members of staff to create orders, including dynamically adding products and assigning customers and shipping methods. It’s worth noting that the whole order details view has been restyled for a better user experience; instead of three separate tabs for details, payments, and order history, we’ve organized all necessary information on a single page.

Order timeline

While developing the new order management views, we’ve reworked the mechanics that power the order history section. Until now we’ve only stored simple messages serving as an order history. The new release enhances this to store additional data specific to the particular event, allowing us to implement features such as retrying some of the order actions directly from the timeline. We’ve also added more event types, to cover the entire lifetime of an order.


Staff management views

Staff member management has also been improved in the new dashboard. The functionality remains the same but we’ve restyled and reorganized the page to provide better user experience and improve the appearance.

Other changes

These are really only the tip of the iceberg. We’ve made a raft of changes in our GraphQL API, which is maturing with every finished sprint. For the full technical changelog, please visit the release page on Github.

Future releases

This release is another step forward as we gradually add new sections to the React-based Dashboard 2.0. It’s a lot of work, but we believe that the improved appearance and user experience are worth the effort. Another part of our team is also making progress with the new single-page storefront; it’s a complete redesign that we are excited to announce will be released in October!

Thank you

A big thank you 🙏 to all contributors, stargazers, and supporters of Saleor! We hit over 2.5k stars on Github in September. It’s a fantastic number that is only possible with your support.


We’ve prepared a bunch of issues labeled as help wanted for anyone who wants to contribute to the project. Even if you don’t fully understand the problem , our team will try to guide you and answer your questions. And remember to check out our channel on Gitter if you have a quick question that doesn’t require opening an issue on Github.

October is the month of open source celebration. Get involved and take part in the annual ‘Hacktoberfest’ by checking out our issues marked with the special label.

We will be attending the GraphQL Summit in San Francisco on November 7–8. Let us know if you want to meet us, chat about Saleor, and grab some of our cool swag!

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