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What is a product attribute?

Product attributes are a set of characteristics that can describe a specific product. Each product is defined by its features. That means attributes refer to the actual factors, components or ingredients of the product.

Introduction to product attributes In our previous article, we explained what a product variant is. This time, let’s focus on what exactly is a product attribute?

There are two types of attributes: tangible and intangible. Once you create an attribute, you have to add a value to it. Tangible and intangible attributes include various characteristics. Here are a few examples of attributes and values below:

Tangible attributes If you run an online fashion business, some of the most important attributes that your customers are looking for are size, colour, and material.

  • Size: XL, S, M, 34
  • Colour: red, blue, black
  • Material: cotton, polyester

Intangible attributes

  • Safety test scores: 80%, 5 star
  • Year of production: 2020
  • Quality: high, standard

How important is it to use product attributes? With a more detailed description based on the product's features, it can help inform and encourage customers to purchase your product with confidence.

The difference between product and variant attributes Attributes are shared among all product variants. For example, if you sell books in your online store, some common attributes can be genres, series or authors. Let's focus on book genres right now. Let’s consider genres, there are different book categories available in bookstores such as fiction, Sci-Fi, history, romance and more (a book genre is an attribute here). When it comes to the product variant, a book format can be a good example. You can offer the same book in both paperback and hardcover. The same product, only slightly different and offered in two variants.

Another example of a product attribute, consider the car producer: all car variants are provided by the same company (the car producer is a product-level attribute in this case).

Adding product attributes on Saleor Dashboard 2.0 is a GraphQL-powered, single-page dashboard application for Saleor. It offers you a flexible approach regarding adding attributes to your products in your online store.

You can find more information about how to create attributes and install dashboard under the links below:

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