Karol Kielecki

What is a product variant?

A product variant is a unique feature of the product offered to your clients. When your potential customers shop online, they can view the same product available in assorted, unique variants (identifiers), such as color, size, price, and more.

Before starting your e-commerce business, you need to fully understand the products you would like to offer - their strengths, weaknesses, variants, and attributes. Let’s focus here on what exactly is a product variant?

Let’s show some examples of product variants:

  • You have an online bookstore. You offer the same book in both paperback and hardcover. The same product, only slightly different and offered in two variants.
  • Your online store offers game consoles. One console is offered in two variants: 1 TB HDD and 500 GB HDD. The same product, the same producer, but available in two versions.
  • You have an online fashion store that offers dresses. The same dress is offered in two variant colors: red and blue.

How important is it to have product variants in your on-line shop? Offering multiple variants simply helps the potential client to decide which version fits better for them. With minimum effort, you can add multiple variants to any product on offer. So with more variants, there is a higher chance your customers will find the exact item they were searching for.

Adding product variants on Saleor Saleor is a modern, headless e-commerce platform. Thanks to its flexibility it allows you to add, modify and refine anything you want to your product catalog. You can find more information about how to create a new product and how to modify variants and attributes here:

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