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In the last 50 years, they sold 500K traditional ultrasound carts. Our goal is to put the same number of devices in people's hands in the next 18 months as the industry managed cumulatively in half a century.

Jonathon Rothberg, Butterfly Network CEO

Butterfly Network has a mission: to democratize healthcare by making medical imaging accessible to everyone around the world. Their incredible journey has already taken the company from a disruptive startup to Apple Design Awards Winner 2019.

When they needed to move from a simple reservation system to a comprehensive e-commerce solution with a robust distribution platform, they chose Saleor‘s modern stack and front end freedom to help them scale to new territories quickly and efficiently.

The device

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4.7 billion people worldwide currently lack access to medical imaging. Butterfly put ultrasound on a chip and created the world’s first whole-body imager available for less than $2,000.

The right solution for business and the right technical fit

The flexibility to cope with non-standard product configurations, and utilize service-oriented architecture and a modern tech stack, made Saleor the best match for Business Butterfly Network as they set about building their first e-commerce website.

Internationalization and globalization

Butterfly needs to scale quickly and efficiently across the globe. Starting from the US and initial sites in the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, Saleor facilitated a smooth start with acceleration in future phases as Butterfly launches in a new set of countries every 15 days on average.

Front-end freedom

Butterfly Network needed a site that works as e-commerce but does not have the look and feel of a typical store. Saleor’s API allows them to build a the front end that matches their vision. The key is headless architecture that allows continuous innovation through integrations.

Modern Stack

As a member and sponsor of the GraphQL Foundation, along with companies like IBM and AWS, Butterfly Network was already utilizing GraphQL services. Saleor aligned with Butterfly’s key technology choices.

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A fast path to global sales

The speed of building the Butterfly site in Saleor allowed the company to start its global rollout within weeks, adding new set of countries, on average, every 15 days. What’s more, the existing API-based system was re-platformed to Saleor with zero downtime, meaning no interruption to business. The result is a fast, responsive site that allows Butterfly to focus on its mission of democratizing healthcare and bringing affordable digital imaging devices to those in need.

20+ new countries in under four months
Adding a new country around every 15 days
No drops and zero seconds lost in the process of moving over to Saleor
Freedom to create the front-end that fits business with beautiful UI

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