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Empowering a multi-million dollar brand in style

Pretty Green is a fashion brand founded by Liam Gallagher, one of the most iconic frontmen in rock.The style is clean-cut but rebellious, contemporary but rooted in the long history of British music and sub - cultures.

A fashion retailer needs a website that looks as good as the apparel, but one that also works at lightning speed and allows for growth and globalization as the business develops.

Faced with increasing sales and new technology challenges, Pretty Green chose Saleor, integrated with third - party solutions, for re - platforming its online store.

The site

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The Pretty Green site is designed to look great and work instantly on desktop and mobile, as a significant amount of traffic comes from hand-held devices.Beautiful anywhere, on any device; the performance matches the style.

Robust and ultra-fast

In 2015, Pretty Green was outgrowing its existing e-commerce platform, resulting in intermittent performance and insufficient integration capabilities.


Most sites work well when the pressure is off but peak traffic periods are the true test of any e - commerce.Saleor helped Pretty Green overcome the downtime that was costing the business in critical periods.

Multi-device experiences

A young customer base demands on-the-go mobile experiences.Saleor is PWA-ready, meaning it can deliver app -like functions for better user experiences, without the need for a separate software team and extensive additional costs.

Ultra-fast performance

With load times under a second, Pretty Green is one of the fastest apparel retail sites around. A customized version of the Saleor base platform allows content-rich design that loads with near-instantaneous speed.

Response time
Conversion rate

The response time of the website on the Saleor platform has improved dramatically. We’re down around the 1-second mark whereas we were previously averaging from 3.5 to 4 seconds. We've also been able to maintain that response time during extremely high traffic. There has been a marked increase in conversions and revenue. Tim K., Pretty Green, Head of Digital

Globalized and localized

Saleor allowed Pretty Green to launch a new version of its Japanese store as part of its global business strategy, but with a local touch.With Saleor, the Japanese store shared the same code base as the original but implemented extra features such as loyalty points and additional shipping and payment types.

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Personalized experiences

Whether its out-of-the-box or a custom integration, any business that can leverage machine learning to automate processes such as creating client recommendations will have a market advantage.Pretty Green needed a platform that would allow them to integrate with a number of modern features and the data science engine used with Saleor allowed them to achieve impressive results.

Improved e-commerce conversion
Improved average order value
Product recommendation clicks

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