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Enterprise cloud features

  • SLA: Contract, 99.99% uptime
  • Choice of AWS or GCP
  • Replica database access
  • Custom domain for API endpoints
  • Full snapshots import
  • Private Slack channel w/ Saleor team

White-glove support

  • Architectural guidance
  • API support
  • Integrations support
  • Migration support
  • Early access to features
  • Feature requests upvoting
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 24/7 reliability engineering

Thinking through a headless commerce approach? We can help.

Whether you are considering Cloud or on-prem, we’re happy to learn about your needs and discuss the project in detail with our sales and delivery team.

Any questions?

You can always get in touch with us and ask your question at

  • Do I have to pay full price during development?

    The Pro and Enterprise plans are discounted if not used in production. Please note: the customer must request development-use-only discount approval in advance.

  • Some e-commerce platforms charge a percentage of sales as a fee. Are there similar charges with Saleor?

    No. Saleor Commerce Cloud doesn’t take a % of your sales volume (GMV). We want to be fairly paid, but we don’t aim to become revenue partners in your business.

    We charge a small per order fee that decreases as you grow. Smaller brands should find Saleor Cloud pricing accessible, which means they can skip basic, templated platforms and set themselves up best for the future.

    Larger brands will find our dev-first approach flows through to our business model – fair pricing, easily understood plans and self-signup all backed by our open source commitment. Evaluating Saleor should be a breeze for developers comparing enterprise-grade software.

  • Isn’t charging per order just another form of revenue share?

    Not for most brands. It’s true that brands with extremely low average order values may find per order pricing costly, but the vast majority will find Saleor Cloud’s pricing advantageous.

  • How do the versions of Saleor differ Cloud vs OSS?

    Saleor Cloud is managed hosting for Saleor OSS plus support and a suite of developer tools. The versions of Saleor core are the same.

  • Can I switch between Saleor Cloud and Saleor OSS?

    · OSS → Cloud: Yes. If you run a vanilla Saleor OSS build version compatible with Saleor Cloud, then the answer is: Yes! If you run a different version, you may need to update your storefront to a version compatible with the Cloud API and migrate data. If you have more questions please contact us.

    · Cloud → OSS: Yes. We maintain the compatibility of the Cloud API with Saleor OSS. All you will need to handle is the data migration out of the Cloud.

  • How would I make customizations to my site if on Saleor Cloud?

    Best practice for extending Saleor is building Apps which communicate with Saleor using the GraphQL API, pub/sub, and webhooks. Extending Saleor in this way means core files are untouched, which benefits security and lowers maintenance costs.

    Please see the Saleor Developer's Guide and CLI to learn more.

  • Saleor’s missing a feature that Platform X provides. Why should I go with Saleor?

    Ten-to-twenty years ago, commerce platforms competed on feature-grid comparisons and more was always better. That approach is good for sales presentations, but bad for building cutting-edge frontends and integrating complex backends. A so-so feature that only partly covers the requirement can slow a team down more than no feature at all.

    Modern commerce platforms like Saleor bring a strong set of core commerce features. But rather than competing on a feature-grid, we compete on how easily a team may extend Saleor to cover their requirements perfectly.

  • How much does a migration from my current platform cost?

    We're experienced with migrations from Shopify Plus, Magento and other e-commerce platforms in the most efficient way possible. For a migration quote please reach out.

  • How quickly can I launch a new Saleor site?

    Saleor is a commerce dashboard and an API. Project length depends on time spent integrating Saleor’s API with your storefront(s) and services. On average, we see teams spend 5 to 10 months on their replatform. We’ve seen simple projects launched in 3 months and really complex ones take 18 months.

    Once live, brands tend to stick with new platforms for 7+ years. We think some of our competitors’ “go headless in 90 days” marketing campaigns are wrongheaded for complex, modern commerce.

  • Where is Saleor HQ?

    Our HQ is in Wroclaw, Poland, one of Europe’s top tech hubs. We also have an office in Amsterdam and we’re currently building out sales, marketing and customer success teams in the US and will open a small San Francisco office in 2023. Our support team has US and European coverage and speaks perfect English.

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