Checkout API

Full coverage of advanced checkout cases like split payments, split fulfillments, and orchestrated payments.


Payment apps

Popular payment apps developed and maintained by Saleor to ensure compatibility and reliability.

Recurring payments

Complete checkout, store credit card data and process recurring payments via Saleor’s API.


Use multiple payment gateways or create your own payment logic.

Split payments

Handle pre-orders, multi-card payments, installments and more by collecting multiple payments on an order.


Anonymous orders

Create fast checkouts and merge orders with matching accounts in the future.

Order history

Access order history and associated events.


Convert existing orders to checkouts to enable fast reordering.

Admin checkout

Use staff permissions to place orders on behalf of customers and more.

Address book

Manage customers billing and shipping address books.

Gift cards

Sell physical or virtual gift cards and associate them with customer credit.


Create advanced discount rules for the cart.

Custom prices

Override line-item prices in checkout using custom logic.


Create currency-specific channels across different regions.

Tax exemptions

Create custom rules for tax exemptions.

Stock and fulfilments

Dynamic tax calculation

Calculate taxes dynamically with apps like Avalara or custom webhooks.

Custom shipping webhooks

Create webhooks to calculate shipping options using custom logic.

Tax classes

Manage flat tax rates across different channels and regions.

Shipping zone geofencing

Exclude postal codes from shipping zones or use webhooks for custom geofencing.

Address validation

Validate addresses with custom rules to ensure consistent tax and shipping calculations.

Shipping filtering

Use custom webhooks to filter shipping methods dynamically.

Shipping rates

Create different rates based on weight, subtotal, channel, etc.

Shipping zones

Arrange warehouses, shipping options, countries and channels into zones.

Stock reservation

Reserve stock for varying amounts of time by channel.

Stock limits

Set a stock limit per product to limit quantity bought in a single checkout.

Multi-fulfillment checkout

Manage several payments and fulfillments for a single order.

Stock-allocation strategies

Control stock allocation priority among warehouses.

Offline pickup

Create click-and-collect warehouses for customer pickup.


Multiple checkouts

Create multiple shopping carts per user for wishlists, preorders, subscriptions etc.

Non-stacking lines

Create non-stacking lines to customize content and pricing for specific line items.

Custom checkout flow

Convert checkouts to orders using a custom completion flow.

Single page API

Improve conversion with a checkout API designed for single-page checkout.

Checkout starter kit

Get started with a headless, react-based, single-page checkout starter kit.

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