Developer experience

The commerce API that puts developers first.



Create isolated environments on the fly for development and staging.

Data branching

Branch data as you would branch your code.

Backups and snapshots

Enjoy the convenience of automated data backups and snapshot management.


Scale worry-free with a performant backend.

Command line tools

Automate environment creation, data branching, scaffolding, and more.

No API rate limiting

Build integration workflows without rate-limit workarounds.

Data obfuscation

Obfuscate production data for improved customer privacy during development.


GraphQL native

Avoid query fragmentation with a single API style.


Extend with over one hundred webhooks and extensions.

Custom webhook payloads

Customize webhook payloads using GraphQL queries to reduce roundups and bring more control of fields shared with services.

End-to-end type safety

Generate types using the GraphQL toolchain for a better developer experience and greater reliability for the project.

Extensible dashboard

Bring custom functionality to the headless dashboard using the front-end stack of your choice.

Open source SaaS App Store

Use apps out-of-the-box or fork them to suit your specific use case.


Build and extend your project with the frontend or backend technology you prefer.


Future-proof your project and improve developer velocity.


Go open and transparent with Saleor Core and its unrestricted commercial license.

Custom data models

Extend objects with custom attributes and metadata.

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