Manage catalog and content across channels.

Content management

Custom attributes

Create product attributes such as: Text, Dates, References, Files, Numbers, Boolean and more.

Shared attributes

Share attributes across product types to improve consistency of the product data.

Optimized images

Serve optimal image sizes and formats to your visitors from a global CDN.

Product types

Configure product types using a collection of attributes to create product models.

Spreadsheet interface

Boost merchandising productivity by copy-and-pasting from external sheets.

Collections and Categories

Manage appearance, availability, and SEO.

Product variants

Add product content, attributes and manage availability at the variant level.


Localize all product-related content such as attributes, collections, and names.

Advanced filters

Use advanced product filtering rules with nested, conditional groups.

Content blocks

Create independent, reusable content blocks for marketing or product pages.

Navigation menu

Organize navigation menu structures to fit the catalog model.

Gift cards

Sell physical or virtual gift cards and associate them with customer credit.


Control content and operational aspects of products from a single place.

Inventory tracking

Automatically keep track of inventory or delegate to external APIs.

Multi-warehouse stock

Manage stock in multiple warehouses.

Stock limits

Set a stock limit per product to limit quantity bought in a single checkout.

Virtual goods

Create virtual goods free from shipping or stock configuration requirements.


Define and assign tax categories to products.

Product listing

Control listing settings of products in various channels.


Extend and automate your catalog management using Saleor’s API.

Bulk import

Efficiently import and update product catalog data using the API.


Observe product-related events using webhooks.

Custom model

Create custom product models using attributes and metadata.

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