Manage staff, customers, and orders via API and the Saleor dashboard.

Order management


Create approval steps before accepting orders.

Order activity

Track order activity such as comments, admin edits, payment-provider logs, and more.

Multi-channel context

Manage customer and sales rep access with channel-specific permissions and order context.

Multi-channel privacy

Control visibility of order data by channel for enhanced security.

Price and discount overrides

Manually override prices and discounts on order lines or delegate to an external API.

Returns and replacements

Manage returns across multiple fulfillments.

Order expirations

Control order expiration settings to expire price quotes and release stock allocations.

Order edits

Modify order quantities, lines, fulfillments, payments, and customer data.

Draft orders

Create draft orders without allocating stock to cover cases like sending customers quotes and internal order approvals.

Stock and fulfillment


Create click-and-collect warehouses for customer pickup.

Flexible bulk import

Create bulk imports of orders with a flexible data model to match the import file.


Use split fulfillment and partial payments to create backorders.

Multiple fulfillments

Create multiple fulfillments from a single order.


Fulfill a single order from multiple warehouses.

Inventory tracking

Automatically keep track of inventory or delegate it to external APIs.

Returns and replacements

Manage return flows and refunds across different payment gateways.

Stock allocation strategies

Control stock allocation priority among warehouses.

Address validation

Validate addresses with custom rules to ensure consistent tax and shipping calculations.


Grant refunds

Grant a refund and split it across different payment providers from the dashboard.

Manual capture

Authorize and manually capture payments by admins or the API.

Manual transactions

Create manual payment records and refunds to handle cash and bank transfer payments.

Recurring payments

Complete checkout, store credit card data and process recurring payments via Saleor’s API.


Use multiple payment gateways or create your own payment logic.

Split payments

Handle pre-orders, multi-card payments, installments and more by collecting multiple payments on an order.


Issue Gift-card credit

Admins can manage customer credit balances.

Account activation

Account activation via email allows users to claim anonymous orders associated with their email and validate their identity.

Customer groups

Create customer segments to provide special pricing and personalization.

Permission groups

Enjoy granular control over staff permissions.

Localizable admin

Localize the admin interface with 40+ languages supported.

OpenID Connect

Connect your identity provider to authenticate merchants with Single Sign-On (SSO).

Address book

Manage customers billing and shipping address books.


Convert existing orders to checkouts to enable fast reordering.

Order History

Access order history and associated events.

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