Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP)

This Acceptable Use Policy ("AUP") sets forth the terms for acceptable use of Services described in Terms of Use (available under domain: provided by Saleor Commerce sp. z o.o. with its registered seat in Wrocław, Tęczowa 7, 53-601 Wrocław, entered into Register of Entrepreneurs kept by District Court for Wroclaw-Fabryczna in Wroclaw, VIth Commercial Division National Court Register under the number: 833006, REGON: 385757319, NIP: 8971877170, as defined in Terms of Use (“Saleor Commerce”).

The types of activities described in this AUP are not meant to be exhaustive, but merely illustrative of examples of conduct deemed by Saleor Commerce to be inappropriate, improper, illegal, or otherwise harmful and therefore prohibited when using the Services. The terms and restrictions in this AUP on use of the Services by Customer shall apply equally to Customer, Customer’s employees and any other person or entity that is provided access to the Services directly or indirectly by Customer ("Customer’s Users"). The Customer is fully responsible for complying with this AUP and for violations directly or indirectly attributable to his clients and end-users. Therefore, the Customer agrees to take all necessary steps to ensure that Customer’s Users or clients, vendors and end-users shall comply with this AUP.

  1. General conduct

    By concluding the Agreement as set forth in Terms of Use the Customer is obliged to use Services for lawful purposes only.

  2. Customer’s responsibility for content

    When using the Services the Customer must not violate any applicable laws, including copyright or trademark laws, export control or sanctions laws, or other laws in Customer’s jurisdiction. Customer is fully responsible for making sure that the use of the Services is in compliance with laws and any applicable regulations.

    Customer is solely responsible for the content of Materials (as defined in Terms of Use), and for any harm resulting Materials regardless the manner in which these Materials are made available. Saleor Commerce shall bear no responsibility due any public display or misuse of Materials.

  3. Unacceptable Use

    Customer must not use Services for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by (i) this AUP or by (ii) the Terms of Use or (iii) the rules or any applicable provisions of law. Customer must not share, post, publish, transmit or otherwise make available Materials that:

    1. are false or misleading;
    2. invade another's privacy or include, copies or transmit third party’s confidential information;
    3. abuse, harass, threaten, impersonate, or intimidate others;
    4. are otherwise objectionable, including (but not limited to) child pornography, nonconsensual, live and offensive sex acts, excessive violence, hate crimes and speech;

    5. are not subject to Customer’s right and authority to be made available;
    6. probe, scan or test the vulnerability of a system or network or to breach security or authentication measures without proper authorization (or succeeding in such an attempt);

    7. interfere in any way with the Environment or its security, or attempt to use Environment to gain unauthorized access to any other computer system;

    8. contain any viruses or other components created to harm the functionality of any software;
    9. are forging, misrepresenting, omitting or deleting message headers, return mailing information, and/or internet protocol addresses, to conceal or misidentify the origin of a message;

    10. might subject Saleor Commerce to unfavorable regulatory action, subject Saleor Commerce to any liability for any reason, or adversely affect the public image, reputation or goodwill.

    Customer also cannot publish, transmit, upload, save any Materials, any other content or links containing them, which can be objectively considered as:

    1. portraying, promoting, supporting, or in any way relating to pedophilia, racism, fanaticism, or containing pornographic content inconsistent with applicable law;

    2. violent, threatening, harassing or hateful content;
    3. unethical or misleading with respect to any country's consumer protection laws, including chain letters or pyramids;

    4. offensive or violating the privacy of people;
    5. posing a risk to the safety of persons and health, a risk to public security or the health of the general public, jeopardizing national security or disrupting investigations carried out by appropriate authorities;

    6. improperly revealing trade secrets or information that is confidential or owned by third parties;

    7. enabling or helping third parties to circumvent copyright;
    8. violating the copyrights of third parties, brands, patents or other rights owned by third parties;

    9. promoting drugs, violating export control laws, illegal gambling and illegal arms trade;
    10. promoting other illegal activities or incitement to any illegal behavior in violation of applicable law or other harmful or fraudulent behavior that may lead to legal proceedings against Saleor Commerce;

    11. containing or installing any viruses, malware, worms, trojan horses of other harmful content;
    12. enabling to transmit unsolicited e-mail messages, including, without limitation, unsolicited bulk email (“spam”) or enabling to send malicious e-mail messages or postings, including, without limitation, "mailbombing”.

    Customer is also prohibited from violating or attempting to violate the security of the Saleor Commerce, or any third party network, system, server, or account, including, without limitation, engaging in any of the following activities:

    1. accessing data, servers, accounts, databases, etc. which such Customer is not authorized to access;

    2. impersonating Saleor Commerce personnel;
    3. attempting to probe, scan or test the vulnerability of a system or network or to breach security or authentication measures without proper authorization;

    4. attempting to interfere with, disrupt or disable service to any user, host or network, including, without limitation, via means of overloading, "flooding," "mailbombing," "denial of service" attacks, or "crashing,";

    5. taking any action in order to obtain services to which such Customer is not entitled; or
    6. attempting to utilize another party's Account without authorization from that party.
  4. Saleor Commerce’s rights.

    Saleor Commerce is entitled to take action, technical, legal, or otherwise, to block, nullify, or deny Customer’s ability to access the Services in situations stipulated in Section 3. Saleor Commerce may exercise this right in sole discretion, and this right shall be in addition to and not in substitution for any other rights and remedies otherwise available to the Saleor Commerce.

    Saleor Commerce may terminate the Agreement or may suspend the accessibility to the Services at any time if Customer breaches this AUP.

  5. Reporting obligation

    If the Customer is or becomes aware of any violation or infringement of this AUP, he shall be obliged to immediately notify Saleor Commerce of any such circumstances. Notification should be submitted to: e-mail:

  6. Legal note

    By using the Services, Customer acknowledges that it has read, understood and agrees to comply with the terms of this AUP. Customer shall ensure that Customer’s Users comply with this AUP and shall be responsible for violations of this AUP by Customer or the Customer’s Users.

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