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Saleor cloud

Get the richest base feature set of any headless e-commerce platform

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Never pay for features or capacity you do not utilize. Saleor's SaaS platform minimizes the cost of delivering amazing e-commerce experiences, so you can unlock your budget to reinvest in other areas of your growing business.

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Saleor resourcing services

Software-as-a-Service allows you to only pay for what you consume. Choose a flexible resource subscription that matches the amount of data and you consume in services like AWS.

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Validated Saleor plugins

We build and curate the plugins that fit best to the Saleor platform. Keep the base price of your e-commerce platform down and only add the validated plugins that bring value to your specific business.

Our technology is transparent and so is our sales process. Whether you want a quote, help with migrating from Magento, or a custom demo, we will talk about the specifics of your business and give you pricing information from the first call.