Multi-market commerce that scales

The open-source, headless, GraphQL-first e-commerce platform that puts developers first.

Attributes and technologies

Trusted by global brands

Launch new markets and regions in days

  • Customers
  • Checkouts
  • Vouchers
  • B2B - UK
  • D2C - EU
  • D2C - US
  • Catalog
  • Permissions
  • Taxes

  • Access control of each channel

    Collaborate safely across channels with teams.

  • Single source of truth

    Operate business from a single instance efficiently.

  • Global out of the box

    Ready to power global operations across borders.


Lush champions ethics and sustainability in their products, business, and choice of tech. Saleor powers entire global e-commerce operation and boosts part of the global in-store experience. Visit Lush.

Brand turnover

Future-proof your checkout

Adapt to ever-changing business requirements with Saleor's extensible checkout model.

Payment Orchestration

Save on processing fees, reduce fraud, and increase conversion across markets.


Rich content model

Manage catalog and localizations across different markets from a single source.

Flexible product and content modelings

Share attributes across product types, create unlimited product options and catalog content.

Merchandising Product
Order Management

Flexible order model

Streamline customer support operations across multiple markets and teams.

Multi-gateway payments and refunds

Manage multi-gateway payments and refunds from a single dashboard.

Order Payments

Open source first App Store

Choose Apps from Saleor’s collection of 1st-party integrations. Available to be forked when needed.

Saleor AppStore supports Strapi, Datadog, Contentful, Sendgrid, DatoCMS, Adyen, Google Merchant, Slack, Mailchimp, Stripe, Avalara TaxJar, and others.

Extensible API
for composable era

Power your commerce with GraphQL and composable API.

  • GraphQL native

    No fragmentation of documentation and functionality across different styles of API.

    Why GraphQL
  • API extensions

    Create external resources and modify behavior using your backend services.

  • Event queries

    Customize webhook payloads to reduce roundtrips, improve performance and privacy.

    Explore webhooks
  • Build locally, deploy in cloud

    Use convenience of open source to develop locally or create integration tests.

    Explore local setup
  • Admin UI extensions

    Expand admin dashboard with custom apps using design system and starter kits.

    Explore Macaw UI
  • Branch your environments, like code

    Create isolated data copy of your environments for feature development and Continuous Integration.

Join the
open source community

With over 19.8k stars on GitHub, Saleor is one of the leading open source commerce platforms.

Join our OS community of industry experts and learn more about open source at Saleor.



Swiss luxury watch brand synonymous with precision, technical innovation, and a rich aviation heritage. Saleor is at the center of Breitling's shift to composable technologies.

Stores worldwide

Reach global scale

Launch new regions and channels in days. Expand internationally with the fastest time to multiple markets thanks to Saleor’s composable, headless architecture.

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