🎉 Saleor 2.11 is out

Come for the performance, stay for the flexibility

A headless, GraphQL-first e-commerce platform delivering ultra-fast, dynamic and personalized shopping experiences.

The world's fastest growing open-source e-commerce platform

Continuous innovation via headless e-commerce

Integrate your e-commerce seamlessly with the rest of your system thanks to our powerful GraphQL API. Use your favorite CRM, fulfilment API, CMS, or innovations of tomorrow.

Front-end freedom

Use our lean PWA storefront, JavaScript SDK or build an entirely new client in the language or platform of your choosing. Decouple the experience from the underlying logic of your business.

Flexible products

No more compromises and workarounds. Shape your products the way your business works and integrate with your accounting and inventory systems. Product bundles, Groups, Configurations.

  • Product bundles Coming 2021
    Sell individual goods or services as complementary, combined packages
  • Groups
    Create intuitive product groups that make browsing easy for administrators and customers
  • Configurations
    Every product is different. You need configurations that are flexible enough to cover whatever you sell.
Global by design

Saleor is global-ready whenever you are. Multi-channel / multi-currency, Multi-language, Multi-warehouse.

  • Multi-channel / multi-currency Coming Q4/20
    Create channels with different currencies, pricing, and product availability
  • Multi-language
    Saleor already supports over thirty languages
  • Multi-warehouse
    Assign warehouses to shipping zones to automatically calculate availability based on local stock levels

Best of breed, better than a monolith

A collection of best-of-breed tools will always outperform any single monolithic application. We build Saleor with this idea in mind, allowing it to be easily integrated into your existing ecosystem, and to empower your existing processes.

Saleor is an ideal solution for anyone looking to build a bespoke e-commerce website. A great foundation has been designed not only to get you started on
a fully-fledged storefront with minimal effort but also with a clear understanding that you inevitably need to grow and change to suit your business.

Tyler Hildebrand, Head of Engineering at Patch

Case study

Disrupting and democratizing healthcare. Butterfly's ambitious, rapid global scale-out is only possible with the support of Saleor. Their incredible journey has already taken the company from a disruptive startup to Apple Design Awards Winner 2019

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Open Source

True Open Source approach

The Saleor platform comes with full source code under a BSD license suitable for commercial use. You can count on the support and expertise of a community that has been breathing e-commerce for almost a decade.

Battle-tested code through billions of dollars transacted

A huge welcoming community of Saleor enthusiasts

No technological lock-in

The world's fastest growing e-commerce platform


Impact Your Customers

Stand out from the crowd and deliver ultimate shopping experiences.

Ultra-fast operation

Saleor's GraphQL API offers the fastest possible site. Instantaneous page loads keep customers engaged. Site performance doesn't hold back product sales.

Front-end freedom

Using whatever front-end technology works best for you and your developers means you can build PWA storefronts and great end-user experiences—at speed.

Anywhere, any device

Offer modern shopping experiences at any time, on any device. A mobile-first PWA stack ensures you never miss the opportunity to make the sale.

Leave dinosaurs in the past.
Go headless.

Ready for the Jamstack. Generate beautiful static pages and reduce your infrastructure costs while making your site faster than ever.

  • Static pages load in an instant
  • Reduced resource use
  • More secure
  • Easy to combine with other tools

Your Business

Spend time on building your brand, not your back end. Create stores fast, securely, and at scale, with modern tools that developers love.

Fast development cycles

Fast development cycles

Clean code and easy architecture let you add new features quickly.

No lock-in

No lock-in

Saleor is designed for growing businesses and to help you avoid technological lock in.

Design freedom

Design freedom

Build the interface that shows your store at its best with a totally flexible front end.

Empowering innovative brands

Butterfly Network
Pretty Green
Assemblée Nationale
Saleor cloud

Let our team handle your infrastructure

Get a sandbox account

Agile development

Use our tooling to go fast and integrate with your CI/CD pipeline. Utilize sandboxes for rapid prototyping.

Hosted and supported

Focus on building great experiences for your customers while we take care of scaling, updating, and managing infrastructure.

No tax on growth

We handle the technology so you can pursue explosive growth. Since our fair pricing model depends on resource use rather than a chunk of your sales, growth goes right to your bottom line.

Success Support

Your business is unique. To get the most from your investment, your integrations, and services. Your ideas need to be supported by your e-commerce platform. We go deep into your specific operations with you, then identify how Saleor can best complement the way you do business.

Tell us about your build

Launch Services

You might see the obstacles to getting on board with a better e-commerce solution. We help you overcome the issues in making the transition. Contact us to talk about advisory and technical services upto and beyond the point of launching your new store.

Tell us about your build
Building something with Saleor Open Source? Let us know and help us improve it!

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